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Utidelone Injection

Eudelon generally refers to Eudelon injection, which is mainly used to treat recurrent and metastatic breast cancer. It has the effect of killing tumors and inhibiting tumor growth. It is necessary to go to a regular hospital to choose a professional doctor for injection to reduce the risk.

After the patient uses the drug, it can have a certain effect on killing breast cancer cells. After using the drug, the drug can flow to all parts of the body through blood circulation, inhibit tumor growth, and prevent the spread and metastasis of cancer cells. The drug is also beneficial to improve the discomfort symptoms such as swelling and pain in the patient’s breast and prolong the patient’s survival time. During the use of the drug, normal cell tissues in the human body will also be killed, which may cause adverse side effects such as low immunity or nausea. Generally, it will be relieved by itself after stopping the drug, and it can be continued within a short time. Most of them do not need intervention.

Patients need to go to the hospital for regular physical examinations to clarify their personal recovery status. They also need to strengthen their personal nutritional supplements and exercise appropriately, which is beneficial to strengthening their physical fitness and is helpful for the treatment of the disease.


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