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Effects and efficacy: It can be used to treat urogenital trichomoniasis in men and women. It is used for infections caused by sensitive anaerobic bacteria (such as Bacteroides fragilis and other Bacteroides, Peptococcus, Clostridium, Fusobacterium, etc.), including respiratory infections such as pneumonia and lung abscess; intraperitoneal infection, endometritis, fallopian tube abscess and other gynecological infections. It can be used for oral infections such as periodontitis and pericoronitis; metronidazole tablets can quickly eliminate inflammation caused by oral anaerobic bacteria and relieve patient symptoms. It can also be used for sepsis, intestinal or pear-shaped giardiasis, and intestinal and hepatic amoebiasis. Usage and dosage: Please consult a doctor before taking the medicine and take the medicine according to the course of treatment. Children should take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor and adult supervision. For the treatment of most anaerobic infections, adults take 2g orally for the first time, and then 1g per day, single or divided into 2 doses, generally for 5 to 6 days. If oral administration is not possible, intravenous drip can be used instead. For the first time, 800 mg can be used, which is diluted into a 2 mg/ml solution and injected at a rate of 10 ml per minute. After that, 800 mg per day or 400 mg once (twice a day) can be used until oral administration is possible during the course of treatment. Please follow the doctor’s advice for details. To prevent postoperative anaerobic infection, 2 g should be taken orally 12 hours before surgery; or 1.6 g should be dripped before surgery, or twice a day (0.8 g once), one before surgery and the other within 12 hours after surgery. Gingivitis, pericoronitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases Tinidazole mouthwash can be used as an auxiliary treatment for oral diseases such as gingivitis, pericoronitis, periodontitis and other oral diseases caused by anaerobic infection. Add 2 ml of mouthwash to 50 ml of warm water, rinse in the mouth for 1 minute and spit it out, 3 times a day, and the dose for children is halved. Please consult a doctor for details. A single oral administration of 2 g for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and repeated use once the next day may achieve better results. Please consult a doctor for details. Treatment of amebiasis Intestinal amebiasis: Oral administration, generally 2g per day, for 2-3 consecutive days; children 50-60mg/kg per day, for 3-5 consecutive days. Hepatic amebiasis: Oral tablets should be taken between meals or after meals, 1.5-2g per day, usually for 3 consecutive days, and can be extended to 5-10 days if necessary. Pus should be discharged at the same time. Please consult a doctor for details. Treatment of more severe amebic dysentery requires the simultaneous use of diloxanide or diiodoquinol. Please follow the doctor’s advice for details. Urogenital tract trichomoniasis and giardiasis: Take 2g orally at a time, and repeat once if necessary; or 0.15g each time, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days. At the same time, note that sexual partners must be treated at the same time to prevent reinfection. For children with giardiasis or trichomoniasis, it is recommended to take 50-75mg/kg orally at a time, and the drug can be repeated once if necessary. Patients with combined Candida albicans infection must also receive antifungal treatment at the same time. Please follow the doctor’s advice for details. Vaginal tablets, vaginal effervescent tablets and vaginal suppositories are used to treat trichomoniasis vaginitis. Place 1 tablet (grain) of the drug in the posterior fornix of the vagina every night, and use it for 7 consecutive days as a course of treatment. Other uses: To eradicate Helicobacter pylori in peptic ulcers, 500 mg once, twice a day, combined with clarithromycin and omeprazole, the general course of treatment is 7 days. Please consult a doctor for details. For giardiasis, 2g once. Please follow the doctor’s advice for details.
Drug contraindications:
Allergic to this product is prohibited. It is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation.
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Tablets, capsules, suppositories, injections, oral patches