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Thrombin Injection use prohibited

Functional Indications:
This product is used to stop bleeding from small blood vessels that are difficult to ligate during surgery, gastrointestinal bleeding, and traumatic bleeding.

1. For local hemostasis, dissolve sterile sodium chloride injection into a solution of 50 to 200 units/ml and spray it on the wound surface. 2. To stop gastrointestinal hemorrhage, use physiological saline or warm water (not exceeding 37°C) to dissolve into a solution of 10 to 100 units/ml. Take it orally or locally for infusion. The concentration and frequency can also be increased or decreased according to the location and extent of bleeding.

Adverse reactions:
1. Occasionally it may cause allergic reactions, so the drug should be stopped in time. 2. There have been reports of low-grade fever reactions when using this product in surgical hemostasis.

Medication contraindications:
It is prohibited for those with a history of allergy to this product.

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