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Terbutaline Sulfate Capsules Injection

Effects and efficacy:
Terbutaline is mainly used for the treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases with bronchospasm.
Usage and dosage:
The solution for nebulized inhalation needs to be nebulized and inhaled. It can only be administered through a nebulizer, and the dosage should be individualized. Therefore, please strictly follow the doctor’s instructions for medication. Adults and children over 20 kg: 5 mg once, inhale 1 vial of 5 mg (2 ml) of liquid medicine through a nebulizer, and administer it 3 times a day. Children weighing less than 20 kg: 2.5 mg once, inhale half a vial of 2.5 mg (1 ml) of liquid medicine through a nebulizer, and administer it up to 4 times a day. Note that children’s medication must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor and adult supervision. Inhalation powder inhaler for adults: The single dose range is 0.25-0.5 mg, once every 4-6 hours. In severe cases, the single dose can be increased to 1.5 mg, but the inhaled amount within 24 hours must not exceed 6 mg (12 inhalations, 0.5 mg each inhalation). When multiple inhalations are required, each inhalation should be separated by 2-3 minutes. Children: It can be used for children aged 5-12 years old. The specific dosage should be in accordance with the doctor’s advice. The general single dose range is 0.25-0.5mg, once every 4-6 hours. In severe cases, the single dose can be increased to 1mg; the maximum inhalation volume within 24 hours cannot exceed 8 inhalations (0.5mg per inhalation, i.e. 4mg). When multiple inhalations are required, the interval between each inhalation is about 2-3 minutes. Oral administration for adults is 1.25mg once, 2-3 times a day, and can be increased to 2.5mg 3 times a day after 1-2 weeks. Children are given the drug according to weight, 65μg/kg once, and no more than 1.25mg (i.e. 1250μg), 3 times a day. The injection is mainly used to prevent and relieve bronchial asthma and reversible bronchospasm related to bronchial and emphysema. It is administered by intravenous drip and must be operated by professional medical personnel. Adults take 0.5-0.75mg a day, divided into 2-3 doses, and slowly drip at a rate of 2.5μg per minute. Please follow the doctor’s advice for details. Preparation of injection: dilute 0.25 mg of terbutaline injection with 100 ml of normal saline; dissolve 0.25 mg of powder injection with injection water before use, and then dilute with 100 ml of normal saline.
Adverse reactions:
The use of terbutaline may cause adverse reactions in multiple systems. If they occur, seek medical treatment in time. Central nervous system: tremor, tension, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, etc. Cardiovascular system: palpitations, tachycardia, etc. Respiratory system: dyspnea, chest discomfort, etc. Digestive system: nausea, vomiting, etc. Others: weakness, depression, sweating, pain at the injection site, etc. A few cases have finger tremors, headaches, palpitations and gastrointestinal disorders. When taking 5 mg orally, the incidence of finger tremors can reach 20%-33%. Long-term use can produce tolerance and reduce efficacy. β2 receptor agonists may cause hypokalemia. When used in combination with xanthine derivatives, steroids, diuretics, and hypoxia, the occurrence of hypokalemia may increase. Therefore, serum potassium concentration should be monitored in this case.
Drug contraindications:
Athletes who are allergic to this product should not use it with caution during pregnancy