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Sucralfate Chewable Tablets

Sucralfate tablets are antacids used to treat gastric, duodenal ulcers and gastritis.
Those who are allergic to this product are prohibited; those with habitual constipation are prohibited.
This product must be taken on an empty stomach. It can be taken after chewing and mixing with saliva or grinding into powder to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.
This product should not be taken continuously for more than 8 weeks. … Details 
Sucralfate tablets comprehensive interpretation

This product is used to treat gastric, duodenal ulcers and gastritis.
Usage and dosage:
This product is taken orally. Adults take 1g once, 4 times a day, chewed and taken 1 hour before meals and before going to bed. Children follow the doctor’s advice. The same drugs produced by different manufacturers may have inconsistent instructions. If you find that the instructions of the drug are inconsistent before taking the drug, please consult a doctor or pharmacist in time.
Drug contraindications:
Allergic to this product is prohibited. Use with caution in liver and kidney dysfunction. Use with caution during lactation. Use with caution in early pregnancy.
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