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Sodium Stibogluconate Injection

Function and indications:
Used to treat kala-azar.
Usage and dosage:
The dosage and usage of different dosage forms and specifications of this product may vary. Please read the specific drug instructions for use, or follow the doctor’s advice. Injection: intramuscular or intravenous injection. 1. Generally, adults take 6 ml (containing 0.6 g of pentavalent antimony) once a day for 6-10 consecutive days; or the total dose is 90-130 mg/kg (limited to 50 kg) according to body weight, divided into 6-10 times, once a day. 2. The total dose for children is 150-200 mg/kg according to body weight, divided into 6 times, once a day. For infections with less sensitive strains, 1-2 courses of treatment can be repeated with an interval of 10-14 days. For those with poor systemic conditions, injections can be given twice a week, and the course of treatment is 3 weeks or longer. For those who have recently received antimony treatment, the dose can be reduced.
Adverse reactions:
1. Similar to trivalent antimony, but less and milder, most patients can tolerate it. Sometimes nausea, vomiting, coughing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and occasionally leukopenia occur. 2. Special reactions include local pain after intramuscular injection, myalgia, and joint stiffness. Electrocardiogram changes (such as flat or inverted T waves, prolonged Q-T time, etc.) may occur later, which are reversible but may be a prelude to severe arrhythmia. 3. Rare shock and sudden death.
It is contraindicated for patients with pneumonia, tuberculosis, and severe heart, liver, and kidney diseases. xin hua

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