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Serum albumin

Emergency treatment of hypovolemia: used when effective blood volume cannot be maintained after crystalloid volume expansion or is accompanied by hypoalbuminemia. Treatment of significant hypoalbuminemia (≤30g/L). Treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome. For auxiliary treatment of cardiopulmonary bypass, special types of hemodialysis, and plasma exchange. After cirrhosis and ascites paracentesis. After liver resection. 24 hours after burn injury. Increased intracranial pressure caused by cerebral edema and injury maintains cerebral blood perfusion.

Human albumin is a prescription drug. It must be prescribed by a doctor according to the condition of the patient, and the medication must be taken according to the doctor’s instructions, including usage, dosage, medication time, etc. You are not allowed to use the medication yourself according to the drug instructions.

Drug contraindications:
If you are allergic to this product, use with caution during pregnancy. Use with caution during lactation.
Related dosage forms:
intravenous fluids

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