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Effects and efficacy:
Indications: It is used to treat cervical erosion, cervicitis, various vaginal infections (such as increased leucorrhea caused by bacteria, trichomonas and fungi), vulvar itching, and pressure ulcers caused by the use of pessaries.
Usage and dosage:
Depending on the condition, one vaginal suppository can be used every other day or every day. If polycresol sulfonaldehyde concentrate is used to cauterize the lesion, one suppository is placed every two cauterization days. For ease of use, it is best for the patient to lie on his back, soak the suppository with water first, and then insert it deep into the vagina. It is usually appropriate to take the medicine before going to bed at night, and use a sanitary belt to prevent contamination of clothing and bedding.
Adverse reactions:
Occasionally, there are local irritation symptoms (such as burning or pain) after taking the medicine, which are usually tolerable and will disappear quickly.


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