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Effects and efficacy:
Podophyllotoxin tincture is mainly used to treat condyloma acuminatum in male and female external genitalia and around the anus.
Usage and dosage:
Before applying podophyllotoxin tincture, clean the affected area with a disinfectant and astringent solution (such as potassium permanganate solution, etc.) and wipe it dry. Use a special swab to apply the solution to the wart, apply it all over the wart, no need to repeat and try to avoid the solution from contacting normal skin and mucous membranes. The total amount of medication should not exceed 1 ml. After applying the medicine, expose the affected area to dry the solution. Apply the medicine twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for 3 consecutive days, and stop the medicine for 4 days for observation as a course of treatment. If there are still residual lesions, you can repeat one course of treatment, but no more than three courses. If there are still condyloma acuminatum after three courses of treatment, the patient should seek medical attention in time for further examination. For recurrent cases, the above method of external treatment can still be used.
Adverse reactions:
Most patients may experience varying degrees of burning or tingling, erythema, edema and erosion at the application site after using podophyllotoxin tincture. After shedding, erythema or superficial erosion may occur locally. These are common local reactions and there is no need to stop the drug. Some patients have severe local reactions and can be treated with cold wet compresses with anti-inflammatory and astringent liquids or creams, lotions, and pastes. The symptoms can be quickly and significantly relieved. For those with severe local ulcers, edema, and severe pain, treatment can be stopped if necessary. A small number of patients did not have any adverse reactions during treatment. No systemic adverse reactions were observed in topical treatment. Ingestion may cause systemic toxicity. Absorption poisoning may also occur if applied over a large area or in excessive amounts, resulting in liver and kidney toxicity, and symptoms of central nervous system poisoning may also occur. Once ingested by mistake, vomiting and gastric lavage should be induced immediately, symptomatic treatment should be given, and hemodialysis should be performed when life is endangered.
Drug contraindications:
Allergic to this product is prohibited. It is prohibited during pregnancy. It is prohibited during lactation. Children should use it with caution.


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