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Paricalcitol Injection.

Effects and efficacy: This product is used to treat secondary hyperthyroidism in patients with chronic renal failure receiving hemodialysis.
Dosage and administration:
The starting dose for adults is based on body weight: The recommended starting dose of this product is 0.04-0.1μg/kg (2.8-7μg), a single injection, the frequency of administration should not exceed once every other day, and it should be administered at any time during dialysis. Dose adjustment: Currently, in patients with end-stage renal failure receiving dialysis, the acceptable target range of PTH levels does not exceed 1.5 to 3 times the upper limit of the non-uremic normal range, that is, the entire PTH (iPTH) is 15.9-31.8pmol/l (150-300pg/ml). Close monitoring and individualized dose adjustment are necessary to achieve appropriate physiological endpoints. If hypercalcemia occurs or the corrected calcium-phosphorus product is continuously higher than 5.2mmol2/l2 (65mg2/dl2), the dose should be reduced or the medication should be discontinued until these parameters return to normal. Subsequently, the administration of paricalcitol should be restarted at a lower dose. If PTH levels drop due to treatment, the drug dose may need to be reduced. For dosage adjustment methods, refer to the instructions or follow the doctor’s advice. The same drug produced by different manufacturers may have inconsistent instructions. If you find any inconsistencies in the drug instructions before taking the drug, please consult a doctor or pharmacist in time.
Drug contraindications:
Allergic to this product is prohibited for children. Use with caution during pregnancy and lactation. Use with caution in case of liver function damage.
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