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Ornithine aspartate granules are an auxiliary treatment for liver disease. Clinically, they are mainly used to treat hyperammonemia caused by acute and chronic liver diseases, such as cirrhosis, fatty liver, and hepatitis. They are particularly suitable for the treatment of early consciousness disorders or neurological complications.
This product can directly participate in the ornithine cycle in liver cells, so that most of the blood ammonia taken in by liver cells is combined with ornithine, and through the urea cycle, urea is generated and finally excreted from the body in a non-toxic form.
Aspartic acid indirectly participates in the tri-anion cycle and the synthesis of nucleic acids, provides intermediates for energy metabolism, and enhances liver energy supply.
This product can activate two key enzymes in the liver’s detoxification function, enhance the liver’s detoxification function, rapidly reduce excessive blood ammonia, and promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells themselves, thereby effectively improving liver function and restoring the body’s energy balance.