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Olverembatinib Tablets

Olebatinib is the first third-generation BCR-ABL inhibitor developed by a Chinese company and the first innovative drug approved by Ascentage Pharma in more than a decade since its establishment. [1] This drug is an innovative drug independently developed and owned by my country, and is used to treat any tyrosine kinase inhibitor resistance.
This product is the first drug approved in China for the indication of chronic myeloid leukemia with T315I mutation. [3]
On January 18, Nalebac was successfully included in the “National Basic Medical Insurance, Work Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Drug Catalog (2022)”, and the scope of medical insurance payment is: “Limited to adult patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) chronic phase (CP) or accelerated phase (AP) with T315I mutation. [4]
On November 17, 2023, Nalebac was approved by the National Medical Products Administration for the treatment of adult patients with chronic myeloid leukemia chronic phase (-CP) who are resistant and/or intolerant to first- and second-generation TKIs. [6]

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