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Norfloxacin Eye Drops.

Effects and efficacy:
For external eye infections caused by sensitive bacteria, such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, corneal ulcers, etc.

Usage and dosage:
For eye drops, drop 1-2 drops into the eyelids at a time, 3-6 times a day. Wash your hands before using the medicine and shake the bottle gently; turn the lower eyelid with one hand and turn the eyes upward to expose the lower fornix of the eye; drop the eye drops into the lower eyelid and close the eyes for 3-5 minutes, so that the eye drops can be effectively evenly distributed in the conjunctival sac and play an effective therapeutic role; tighten the bottle cap after use and place the eye drops in a cool place. During the entire medication process, patients should be careful to avoid contact between the bottle mouth and the eyelids, eyelashes, hands or other parts to avoid contaminating the liquid. The same drugs produced by different manufacturers may have inconsistent instructions. The above content is referenced from the “Guidelines for Clinical Drug Use of the People’s Republic of China: Chemical Drugs and Biological Products Volume. 2015 Edition”. If you find that the contents of the drug instructions are inconsistent before taking the medicine, please consult a doctor or pharmacist in time.

Adverse reactions:
Mild transient local irritation, such as tingling, itching, foreign body sensation, etc.

Drug contraindications:
Contraindicated if allergic to this product; Use with caution during pregnancy; Use with caution during lactation; Use with caution if renal function is impaired

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