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Effects and efficacy:
Nialestradiol is mainly used for menopausal or climacteric syndrome caused by estrogen deficiency.
Usage and dosage:
Nialestradiol is used orally, and the specific dosage should be followed according to the doctor’s advice. Generally, 2 mg once, once every 2 weeks; after the symptoms improve, the maintenance dose is 1~2 mg each time, twice a month, and a course of treatment is 3 months. Although the estrogen activity of this product is low, there is still a risk of endometrial hyperplasia, so progesterone should be given for 10 days every two months to inhibit the endometrial hyperplasia effect of estrogen. Generally, withdrawal uterine bleeding may occur after the discontinuation of progesterone. If the user has removed the uterus, there is no need to add progesterone.
Drug contraindications:
Allergic to this product is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation
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