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Loxoprofen Sodium Tablets

Effects and efficacy:
Loxoprofen sodium can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, frozen shoulder, and neck-shoulder-arm syndrome.
Usage and dosage:
It is used for anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, frozen shoulder, neck-shoulder-arm syndrome, and postoperative, post-traumatic and post-tooth extraction. Oral administration: 60 mg once (60 mg per tablet/capsule, one tablet/capsule), three times a day. When symptoms occur, 60-120 mg can be taken at a time. It is not suitable to take the medicine on an empty stomach. It can be taken after meals. The dosage can be adjusted appropriately according to age. Please consult a doctor for details. Transdermal administration: Once a day, apply to the affected area. Note that it should not be used on damaged or incomplete skin or mucous membrane surfaces, and should not be used on areas with eczema or rash. It is used for antipyretic and analgesic treatment of acute upper respiratory tract inflammation (including acute upper respiratory tract inflammation accompanied by acute bronchitis). Oral administration, when symptoms occur, 60 mg once, the dosage can be appropriately increased or decreased according to age and symptoms under the guidance of a doctor. It is recommended to take it twice a day, and the maximum dose is 180 mg. Please consult a doctor for details.
Drug contraindications:
Allergic to this product is prohibited. Children under 12 years old are prohibited. Use with caution during pregnancy. Use with caution during lactation. Use with caution during pregnancy preparation. Use with caution in liver and kidney dysfunction.
Related dosage forms:
Capsules, tablets, dispersible tablets, granules


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