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Lobeline Hydrochloride Injection.

Effects and efficacy:
Lobeline hydrochloride can be used for emergency treatment of diseases with respiratory depression, such as neonatal asphyxia, carbon monoxide poisoning, opium poisoning, morphine poisoning, respiratory depression after anesthetic overdose, etc.
Usage and dosage:
Usual intravenous injection: 3mg (1 tube) for adults once; maximum dose: 6mg (2 tubes) once, 20mg a day. Children 0.3-3mg once, can be repeated every 30 minutes if necessary; 3mg (1 tube) can be injected into the umbilical vein for neonatal asphyxia. Common dose for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection: 10mg for adults once; maximum dose: 20mg once, 50mg a day. Children 1-3mg once.
Drug contraindications:
Allergy to this product is prohibited in early pregnancy, late pregnancy, pregnancy, lactation, etc.
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