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Levornidazole Disodium Phosphate for Injection

Levo-onidazole disodium phosphate refers to levo-onidazole disodium phosphate for injection. This drug has the effects of killing bacteria, anti-infection and anti-inflammatory. Patients need to take the drug under the guidance of a doctor.

1. Kill bacteria: The drug can be used to treat a variety of bacterial infections, inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction, and achieve the effect of killing bacteria.

2. Anti-infection: When patients have reproductive tract infections and digestive tract infections, the use of drugs under the guidance of a doctor can play an anti-infection role and help the disease recover.

3. Anti-inflammatory: The drug can reduce the exudation of inflammatory substances and promote the recovery of inflammatory infections in patients.

Do not eat spicy and irritating foods during medication, otherwise it will affect the efficacy of the drug and is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.


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