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Kyprolis Carfilzomib For Injection

Function and indication:
Treatment of patients with multiple myeloma.
Dosage and administration:
Calculate the dose of Kyprolis based on the actual body surface area of ​​the patient at baseline. If the patient’s body surface area is greater than 2.2m2, the dose is calculated based on a body surface area of ​​2.2m2. Recommended dose of Kyprolis and Dexamethasone For therapy with dexamethasone alone, Kyprolis is administered by intravenous infusion once or twice a week over 30 minutes. Kyprolis is administered intravenously once a week over 30 minutes for three weeks, followed by a 13-day rest period. Each 28-day course of treatment is a medication course. The recommended starting dose of Kyprolis is 20mg/m2 on day 1 of the first course. If the patient can tolerate this dose, the dose is increased to 70mg/m2 on day 8 of the first course. Dexamethasone 40mg is administered orally or intravenously on days 1, 8, and 15 of all courses, and on day 22 of courses 1 to 9. Dexamethasone should be administered 30 minutes to 4 hours before Kyprolis. Dosage and Dosage Kyprolis dosage forms are as follows: For injection: A single-dose injection vial for preparation contains 30 mg frozen crystal powder or powder. For injection: A single-dose injection vial for preparation contains 60 mg frozen crystal powder or powder.
Adverse reactions:
Adverse reactions with an incidence of 10% or more include: anemia, thrombocytopenia; diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting; fatigue, fever, weakness; respiratory tract infection, tracheitis; muscle spasms, back pain; headache, peripheral neuropathy; insomnia, dyspnea, cough; common adverse reactions with an incidence of less than 10%: cardiotoxicity, acute renal failure, tumor lysis syndrome, pulmonary toxicity, pulmonary hypertension, dyspnea, hypertension, venous thrombosis, infusion reaction, bleeding, thrombocytopenia, hepatotoxicity and liver failure, thrombotic microangiopathy, reversible posterior encephalopathy syndrome. Patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma who are not eligible for transplantation have an increased risk of fatal and severe drug toxicity when Kyprolis is used in combination with Melphalan and Prednisone.