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Hepatocyte growth promoting factors

Hepatocyte growth promoting factors are small molecule polypeptide active substances extracted and purified from fresh animal livers. It has the following biological effects: ① It can significantly stimulate the DNA synthesis of newborn liver cells, promote the recovery of damaged liver cell mitochondria and rough endoplasmic reticulum, promote liver cell regeneration, accelerate the repair of liver tissue, and restore liver function. ② Improve the phagocytosis function of liver cells, prevent further damage to liver cells by toxins from the intestine, inhibit tumor necrosis factor (TNF) activity and Na+, K+-ATPase activity inhibitory factor activity, thereby promoting repair after liver necrosis. It also has the effect of reducing transaminases, serum bilirubin and shortening prothrombin time. ③ It has a good protective effect on liver cell damage induced by carbon tetrachloride. ④ It has a significant effect on improving the survival of liver failure induced by D-galactosamine.