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This product’s oral preparations and injections can be used for hepatoprotective treatment or adjuvant treatment of tumors in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in adults. Glutathione can be used for liver diseases, including liver damage caused by viruses, drug toxicity, alcohol toxicity (such as alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic liver fibrosis, alcoholic cirrhosis, acute alcoholic hepatitis) and other chemical substance toxicity . It can be used as an adjuvant drug for radiotherapy and chemotherapy (including chemotherapy with cisplatin, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, daunorubicin, and bleomycin, especially during high-dose chemotherapy). It can also be used to treat hypoxemia caused by various causes, such as acute anemia, adult respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, etc., and can relieve symptoms such as discomfort, nausea, vomiting, itching and other symptoms caused by hypoxemia.

Oral tablets for liver diseases: For the hepatoprotective treatment of chronic hepatitis B, take 400 mg (4 tablets) orally three times a day. The course of treatment is generally 12 weeks. Please follow your doctor’s advice for details. Lozenges: used for auxiliary treatment of chronic liver diseases, placed between the buccal mucosa and gums. Adults take 0.3g 3 times a day (3 tablets of 0.1g each time; 1 tablet of 0.3g each time). Generally, a course of treatment lasts for 30 days. Please follow your doctor’s advice for details. Intravenous infusion (the infusion time is generally 1-2 hours): for auxiliary treatment of viral hepatitis, 1.2g once a day, 30 days as a course of treatment; for severe hepatitis, 1.2-2.4g once, once a day Once a day, 30 days is a course of treatment; for active hepatitis, 1.2g once a day, 30 days is a course of treatment; for fatty liver, 1.8g once a day, 30 days is a course of treatment ; For alcoholic hepatitis, 1.8g once a day, 14-30 days; for drug-induced hepatitis, 1.2-1.8g, once a day, 14-30 days. Please follow your doctor’s advice for details. For radiotherapy and chemotherapy: Dissolve 1.5g/m of this product in 100ml of normal saline or 5% glucose injection within 15 minutes before giving chemotherapy drugs, and infuse intravenously within 15 minutes, every day on days 2-5 Inject 600mg of this product intramuscularly. When using cyclophosphamide (CTX), in order to prevent urinary system damage, it is recommended to infuse this product intravenously immediately after the CTX injection and complete the infusion within 15 minutes; when using cisplatin for chemotherapy, it is recommended that the dosage of this product is inappropriate Exceeding 35mg/mg cisplatin, so as not to affect the effect of chemotherapy, please follow your doctor’s advice for details. Used as an auxiliary drug for radiotherapy: intravenous drip administration after irradiation, the dose is 1.5g/m once, please follow the doctor’s advice for details. For hypoxemia, 1.5g/m of this product can be dissolved in 100ml of normal saline for intravenous infusion. After the condition improves, 0.3-0.6g can be injected intramuscularly every day to maintain treatment. Please follow your doctor’s advice for details. Eye drops for corneal ulcers, corneal epithelial detachment, keratitis, and early stage senile cataract: 3-5 times a day, 1-2 drops each time, for eye drops. Before use, 100 mg of reduced glutathione must be dissolved in the attached 5 ml dissolving solution to obtain a clear, colorless solution. Note: For specific usage and dosage for different groups of people and different diseases, please consult your doctor and refer to the drug instructions of different preparations.

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