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Gemcitabine Hydrochloride for Injection

Gemcitabine is a new cytosine derivative with a chemical formula of C9H11F2N3O4. Like cytarabine, it is activated by deoxycytosine kinase and metabolized by cytosine deaminase after entering the human body. Gemcitabine is a pyrimidine anti-tumor drug with the same mechanism of action as cytarabine. Its main metabolite is incorporated into DNA in cells and mainly acts in the G1/S phase. However, the difference is that in addition to incorporating into DNA, difluorodeoxycytidine can also inhibit ribonucleotide reductase, resulting in a decrease in intracellular deoxynucleoside triphosphates; another difference from cytarabine is that it can inhibit deoxycytosine deaminase to reduce the degradation of intracellular metabolites and has a self-enhancing effect. In clinical practice, gemcitabine and cytarabine have different anti-tumor spectra and are effective against a variety of solid tumors.