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Ganciclovir Eye Drops

Ganciclovir eye drops have anti-herpes virus effects and are a broad-spectrum anti-herpes virus eye drops. They are mainly used to treat herpes simplex keratitis and can also be used as an antiviral drug for immunodeficient patients with cytomegalovirus retinitis.
Treatment of herpes simplex keratitis: Ganciclovir eye drops are widely used to treat eye infections caused by ocular herpes viruses, such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, and corneal ulcers. It can inhibit the replication and spread of the virus, alleviate symptoms, shorten the duration of the disease, and promote the repair of eye tissues.
Anti-non-retroviral: Treat immunodeficient patients such as AIDS or organ transplant recipients with cytomegalovirus retinitis that endangers vision, but the disease is prone to recurrence, so long-term suppression treatment is required.

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