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Flavoxate hydrochloride

Functions and indications:
Applicable to symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, dysuria and urinary incontinence caused by the following diseases: 1. Lower urinary tract infectious diseases (prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis, etc.). 2. Lower urinary tract obstructive diseases (early and mid-stage prostatic hyperplasia, spastic and functional urethral strictures). 3. After lower urinary tract instrument examination or surgery (prostatectomy, urethral dilatation, intravesical surgery). 4. Urethral syndrome. 5. Urgent urinary incontinence.
Usage and dosage:
The dosage and dosage of this product may vary in different dosage forms and specifications. Please read the specific drug instructions for use, or follow the doctor’s advice. Flavonoid hydrochloride tablets: Oral, 0.2g (1 tablet) at a time, 3-4 times a day or follow the doctor’s advice.
Adverse reactions:
Some patients may experience stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, thirst, drowsiness, blurred vision, palpitations and rash, etc.
1. Patients with gastrointestinal obstruction or bleeding, achalasia, and decompensated urethral obstruction are contraindicated. 2. Patients with neuropsychiatric symptoms and severe damage to heart, liver, and kidney function are contraindicated.

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