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Ethacridine lactate,

Effects and efficacy:
Ethacridone lactate solution is a disinfectant preservative that can inhibit Gram-positive bacteria, mainly cocci. It is used to disinfect small-area, mild traumatic wounds and infected wounds. Ethacridone lactate injection: The drug can cause necrosis of intrauterine decidual tissue and produce endogenous prostaglandins, causing uterine contractions when administered intra-amniotically and intrauterineally; Ethacridone (Rivanol) also has an excitatory effect on uterine muscles directly. It is an induction drug. It is used to terminate 12-26 weeks of pregnancy. Ethacridone lactate ointment is a dermatological drug. It is used for various small-area trauma, ulcers and infectious skin diseases. Ethacridone lactate patch is used for small skin trauma and abrasions.
Usage and dosage:
The usage and dosage of different dosage forms and specifications of this product may vary. Please refer to the specific drug entry content or follow the doctor’s advice. Ethacridone lactate solution is used externally to wash or apply to the affected area. After emptying the bladder, the pregnant woman takes the supine position, selects the most prominent part of the uterus, and the place where the amniotic fluid fluctuates significantly is the puncture point. Use gauze to hold the No. 7 lumbar puncture needle and pierce it vertically into the abdominal wall. There is a sense of emptiness when entering the amniotic cavity. Continue to insert the needle 0.5-1cm and then pull out the needle core. After the amniotic fluid gushes out, connect the syringe filled with 100mg solution of Rivanol to the puncture needle, and then draw back the amniotic fluid to confirm that it is correct and slowly inject the liquid. The amniotic fluid must be drawn back before the needle is removed. Before removing the needle, insert the needle core into the needle and quickly remove the needle, cover it with sterilized gauze, and gently press the needle eye. After emptying the bladder, the pregnant woman takes the lithotomy position. After routine disinfection of the vulva, vagina, and cervix, clamp the anterior lip of the cervix with a cervical clamp, and send the rubber catheter along the cervix into the uterine cavity. Inject 100ml of the prepared Rivanol solution (containing 100mg of the drug, diluted with water for injection) into the catheter. The lower end of the catheter is double-folded and tied with thread, rolled in the vagina, and a piece of gauze is inserted to fix it. The gauze and catheter are removed 24 hours after the operation. For external use, apply the lactated ethacridine ointment to the affected area after cleaning the wound, 2-3 times a day. For external use, apply the lactated ethacridine patch after cleaning the wound.
Drug contraindications:
This product is contraindicated if it is allergic to it or if it is contraindicated if it is caused by liver and kidney dysfunction
Related dosage forms:
Ethacridine lactate solution, ethacridine lactate injection, ethacridine lactate ointment, ethacridine lactate patch

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