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Effects and efficacy:
Treatment of various symptoms related to venous lymphatic insufficiency (such as venous edema, soft tissue swelling, heaviness, numbness, pain in the limbs, soreness and discomfort in the morning, thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis syndrome, etc.). Treatment of various symptoms related to acute hemorrhoid attacks (such as acute attacks of internal and external hemorrhoids caused by varicose veins, such as wet anus, itching, blood in the stool, pain).

Usage and dosage:
Dosage: The usual dose is 0.5g (1 tablet), twice a day. When used for acute hemorrhoid attacks, 1.5g each time for the first four days, twice a day, and 1.0g each time for the next three days, twice a day. Treatment with this drug cannot replace special treatments required for other anal diseases. This treatment method must be short-term. If the symptoms cannot be eliminated quickly, anorectal examinations should be performed and the treatment plan should be reviewed. Dosage: This product is taken orally at lunch and dinner.

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