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Dihydroergotoxine is an α-receptor blocker that can directly act on dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors in the central nervous system. It can block α-receptors to relieve vasospasm, enhance the release of transmitters from presynaptic nerve endings and the excitation of postsynaptic receptors, and improve neurotransmission function. This product can also increase cerebral blood flow and brain oxygen utilization, reduce vascular resistance, shorten cerebral blood flow circulation time, and increase the frequency and amplitude of α waves in the electroencephalogram. This product can also inhibit the activity of ATPase and adenylate cyclase, reduce the decomposition of ATP, thereby improving the energy balance of brain cells, shifting the utilization of glucose, and converting anaerobic metabolism into aerobic metabolism.
Dihydroergotoxine is mainly excreted through feces with bile. 2% of the original drug is eliminated in the urine in the form of the original drug and its metabolites, while the original drug is less than 1%. The total clearance rate is about 1800ml/minute. The plasma concentration in elderly patients is slightly higher than that in young patients. Patients with renal dysfunction do not need to reduce the dose because only a small amount of the drug is metabolized by the kidneys.

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