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desmopressin injection

Desmopressin, ① Central diabetes insipidus and temporary diabetes insipidus caused by cranial trauma or surgery: it can reduce urine excretion, increase urine osmotic pressure, reduce plasma osmotic pressure, reduce frequent urination and nocturia (generally ineffective for nephrogenic diabetes insipidus). ② Treat patients over 5 years old with nocturnal enuresis. ③ Renal urine concentration function test: it helps to identify renal function and is especially effective for diagnosing urinary tract infections in different parts of the body. ④ For patients with mild hemophilia and type I von Willebrand disease, it can control or prevent bleeding during minor surgical operations. ⑤ For prolonged bleeding time and unexplained bleeding caused by uremia, cirrhosis, and congenital or drug-induced platelet dysfunction, this product can shorten the bleeding time or restore it to normal

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