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Compound miconazole nitrate cream

Miconazole, also known as miconazole nitrate, is an anti-infective drug that can be used to treat various infections caused by sensitive bacteria. However, due to the complex dosage form of this product, the commonly used dosage forms are capsules, powders, vaginal tablets, vaginal soft capsules, creams, ointments, solutions, and suppositories. The therapeutic effects of different dosage forms vary, as follows:
Miconazole nitrate capsules: This product is used to treat intestinal candidal infections.
Miconazole nitrate powder: This product is used for interdigital (toe) ringworm and groin ringworm, diaper rash caused by fungi and yeasts, and can be sprinkled on shoes and socks to prevent tinea pedis.
Miconazole nitrate vaginal tablets: This product is used to treat candidal vaginitis.
Miconazole nitrate vaginal soft capsules: This product is used for local treatment of dual infections caused by candidal vulvovaginitis and gram-positive bacteria.


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