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Carboprost Tromethamine Injection

Carboprost tromethamine is a uterine contraction drug, and its main clinical indications are abortion and postpartum hemorrhage.
Abortion: It is suitable for abortion with a gestational period of 13 to 20 weeks, which is calculated from the first day of the normal last menstrual period. It is also suitable for the following situations related to mid-term abortion: other methods cannot expel the fetus; when intrauterine methods are used, the drug is lost due to premature rupture of the membranes and the uterus is weak; abortion requires repeated intrauterine drug infusion; accidental or spontaneous premature rupture of the membranes when the fetus is not yet viable, but there is no power to expel the fetus.
Postpartum hemorrhage: This product is suitable for postpartum hemorrhage caused by uterine contraction relaxation that is ineffective with conventional treatment methods. Conventional treatment methods should include intravenous injection of oxytocin, uterine massage, and intramuscular injection of non-contraindicated ergot preparations. Studies have shown that in these cases, the use of this drug can satisfactorily control bleeding. However, it is not clear whether this effect is related to the subsequent effects of previous use of oxytocin.

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