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Carboprost methylate

Carboprost methylate is an organic compound with the chemical formula C22H38O5. It is mainly used as a prostaglandin drug. Vaginal administration can directly stimulate the contraction of uterine smooth muscle and dilate the cervix. The excitatory effect on the uterus is related to the state of the uterus and hormone levels. During mid-pregnancy and delivery, the uterus is sensitive to this product and has a strong excitatory effect, because prostaglandins (PG) can increase the activity of collagenase, decompose collagen fibers, and expand the gap between collagen bundles, thereby relaxing, softening and shortening the cervix. Based on the above-mentioned effects of uterine excitation and cervical softening, the fetus and placenta are damaged, and the progesterone level in the blood decreases and the synthesis of endogenous prostaglandins in the uterus increases, thereby causing high-frequency and high-amplitude contractions of the uterus similar to normal delivery, achieving the purpose of abortion and induction of labor.

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