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Butylphthalide and Sodium Chloride Injection

Butylphthalide sodium chloride injection is an injectable chemical drug with anti-cerebral ischemia and anti-degenerative neurological disease effects. It is mainly used to improve the neurological deficits in patients with acute ischemic stroke. It manifests as neurological deficits, such as slurred speech, limb numbness and weakness, crooked mouth, visual field deficits, memory impairment and vascular dementia.
This drug is used to improve microcirculation and blood flow in the ischemic area of ​​the brain, increase the number of capillaries in the ischemic area, reduce brain edema; reduce the area of ​​infarction; improve energy metabolism; inhibit apoptosis of nerve cells; inhibit thrombosis and platelet aggregation, thereby exerting a therapeutic effect.


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