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Bendamustine-Hydrochloride (Treanda) ;

Semustine capsules are derivatives of lomustine and are anti-tumor drugs. They are often used for primary brain tumors and metastatic tumors. Combined with other drugs, they can treat malignant lymphoma, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, and melanoma. They can also be used for Hodgkin’s disease.
This product is a non-specific drug for the cell cycle. It is most sensitive to cells at the G1-S boundary or early S phase, and also has an inhibitory effect on the G2 phase. After entering the body, its molecules break from the carbamide bond into two parts. One is the chloroethylamine part, which dissociates chlorine to form ethylene carbon cations, exerts a hydrocarbonization effect, breaks the DNA chain, and RNA and proteins are hydrocarbonized, which is related to the anti-tumor effect; the other part is the carbamoyl part that becomes an isocyanate, or is converted into carbamic acid to exert a carbamylation effect, which mainly reacts with proteins, especially the amino group at the end of lysine, which is mainly related to bone marrow toxicity. Carbamylation also destroys some enzyme proteins, making it difficult to repair DNA after being damaged, which helps the anti-cancer effect.