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Bemiparin Sodium Injection

The main ingredient of this product is bemiparin sodium.

This product is generally an injection.

This product is used for:

1. Preventing thromboembolic diseases in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery.

2. Preventing coagulation during extracorporeal hemodialysis.

Injection: 3500AxalU/0.2ml.

Dosage and Administration
The dosage and administration of this product may vary depending on the dosage form and specifications. Please read the specific drug instructions for use or follow the doctor’s advice.


1. Preventing thromboembolic diseases in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery Subcutaneous injection 2 hours before or 6 hours after surgery, and then once every 24 hours, 3500AxaIU each time. It should be used for prevention for 7-10 days until the risk of thrombosis is reduced.

2. Preventing coagulation during extracorporeal hemodialysis For patients undergoing repeated hemodialysis for no more than 4 hours without the risk of bleeding, it is injected from the arterial end at the beginning of dialysis. For patients weighing less than 60kg, the dose is 2500AxaIU, while for patients weighing more than 60kg, the dose is 3500AxalU.

Adverse reactions
1. Common bleeding and ecchymosis at the injection site.

2. For other adverse reactions, please refer to heparin.

1. Patients who are allergic to this product, heparin or porcine-derived substances are contraindicated.

2. Patients with confirmed or suspected immune-mediated heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) are contraindicated.

3. Patients with increased risk of bleeding due to active bleeding or impaired hemostasis are contraindicated.

4. Patients with severe liver and pancreatic impairment are contraindicated. 5. Patients with central nervous system, eye, ear trauma or surgery are contraindicated.

6. Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) caused by heparin-induced thrombocytopenia is contraindicated.

7. Acute bacterial endocarditis and subacute bacterial endocarditis are contraindicated.

8. Organic lesions with high risk of bleeding (such as active ulcers, hemorrhagic stroke, cerebral aneurysm or brain tumor) are contraindicated.

9. Patients with liver and kidney failure, uncontrolled hypertension, history of gastric and duodenal ulcers, thrombocytopenia, kidney stones, urethral stones, choroidal and retinal vascular diseases, other tissue damage with risk of bleeding, spinal anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, and lumbar puncture should use with caution.

1. This product is prohibited from intramuscular injection.

2. During the use of this product, it is prohibited to inject any other drugs intramuscularly.

3. Like other low molecular weight heparins, this product can cause hyperkalemia, especially in patients with diabetes, patients taking potassium-sparing diuretics, and patients with renal failure. Blood potassium should be monitored before and during treatment, especially for those who use this product for more than 7 days.

4. Check the platelet count every 3-4 days before and during treatment. If the platelet count is significantly reduced, the drug should be discontinued immediately.

5. This product cannot be used within 4 hours of removing the arteriovenous catheter.

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