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Baloxavir Marboxil Tablets

Effects and efficacy: This product is suitable for previously healthy adults and children aged 5 years and above with simple influenza A and B, or adults and children aged 12 years and above with influenza who are at high risk of influenza-related complications.

Dosage and administration: Take this product as a single dose within 48 hours after the onset of symptoms, with or without food. This product is suitable for adults, adolescents and children (≥5 years old), and the weight-based dosing regimen is: 40 mg orally for a single dose for a body weight of ≥20 kg to <80 kg, and 80 mg orally for a single dose for a body weight of ≥80 kg. It is not recommended to reduce the dose of this product. Contraindications: Allergy to this product is prohibited. Use with caution during pregnancy. Use with caution during lactation. Related dosage forms: Mabaloxavir tablets

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