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Effects and efficacy:
Acetaminophen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins and has antipyretic and analgesic effects. It can be used to relieve high fever caused by the common cold or influenza and relieve mild to moderate pain symptoms.
Usage and dosage:
Acetaminophen tablets are used for antipyretic and analgesic: Adults take 0.3-0.6g orally once every 4 hours or 4 times a day; the daily dose should not exceed 2g. The antipyretic course generally does not exceed 3 days, and the analgesic course should not exceed 10 days. Please consult a doctor for details. Common dosage for osteoarthritis: The common dosage for adults is 0.65-1.3g once, once every 8 hours, and the maximum daily dose does not exceed 4g. The course of treatment is based on the doctor’s advice. Children under 12 years old are recorded by age: 2-3 years old, 160mg once; 4-5 years old, 240mg once; 6-8 years old, 320mg once; 9-10 years old, 400mg once; 11 years old, 480mg once. Take once every 4 hours or when necessary. Please consult a doctor for details. Oral acetaminophen sustained-release tablets. Adults and children over 12 years old take 1 tablet at a time. If fever or pain persists, take once every 8 hours, no more than 3 times in 24 hours. Oral acetaminophen drops, drop the liquid into the mouth when taking the medicine, or dissolve it in about 20 times the volume of water and shake it well before taking it. Children under 12 years old use a dropper to measure the dosage. See the table below: Oral acetaminophen gel, children under 12 years old see the table below: Acetaminophen suppository This product is administered rectally. Wash your hands and anus when taking the medicine, and push the suppository into the rectum. Adults take 0.3g-0.6g at a time, 1-2 times a day; children aged 3-12 years old, take 0.15g-0.3g at a time, once a day. Acetaminophen injection intramuscular injection: 0.15-0.25g each time. Please follow the doctor’s advice for details. Note: Children must take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor and adult supervision.
Allergic to this product is prohibited. Alcohol is prohibited. Use with caution during pregnancy. Use with caution during lactation. Use with caution in case of liver and kidney dysfunction.
Related dosage forms:
Tablets, chewable tablets, dispersible tablets, suppositories, sustained-release tablets, capsules, granules, drops, dry suspension, oral solution


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